Baltic Masters orienteering championships and Baltic Open competition

[4th BULLETIN], SCHEME 26.05SCHEME 27.05

Latvian Cup, stage 8.
25-27th  May 2018, Tartaks, Krāslava Municipality

Bulletin 3

Online entry form


From 16.00 till 21.00  Arrival and accreditation in Krāslava State Gymnasium
From 16.00 Model area, “Tartaks” area
         (Model map costs 3 EUR and can be purchased in competition center). See scheme
From 11.00 Registration in event center “Tartaks”
13.00 Start of the Baltic Masters and open competition – long distance, “Tartaks” area
09.30 Start of the Baltic Masters and open competition – middle distance, “Tartaks” area
14.00 Prize giving and closing ceremony

Competition centre
Competition center: “Upeskrastmalas”, Ūdrīši parish, Krāslava Municipality, Latvia (scheme: here)
Event office – Krāslava State Gymnasium, Raiņaiela 25, Krāslava, Krāslava Municipality

Map and terrain
Map „Tartaks” LOF 1170,Map maker: LeonīdsMalankovs,.drawn in 2017 – 2018.
Scale: Long distance – 1:15000, for classes MW16-MW35, other classes - 1:10000;  
Middle distance  scale – 1: 10000.
Contours after 2.5 m. Map made using LĢIA digital relief model materials. Maps in plastic bags, control descriptions on maps and additionally at start.

Coniferous forest prevails. Terrain is rich in various relief forms. Maximal height difference is 50 meters. Runnability is good and medium.

Dangerous places
Competitors will have to cross road V635 with small traffic intensity. Crossing points will be controlled. Please be careful!

Old map (click to expand)

Forbidden areas Map LOF no. 1170 (2017) “Tartaks” is forbidden to use for trainings or competition until 27.05.2018. Forbidden area scheme.

Competition classes and course length
Baltic Masters championships: MW35, MW40, MW45, MW50, MW55, MW60, MW65, MW70, MW75, MW80
Baltic Open competition: MW12, MW14, MW16, MW18, MW20, MW21, MW21A, MW21B
OPEN1 – technically easy and short course
OPEN2 – average complexity and length course
OPEN classes can start in freely chosen time

*In MW21 classes two days sum will be evaluated in Latvian Cup MW21E ranking. For MW14-20 classes long distance results will be calculated in Latvian Cup ranking. For other classes – sum of two days will be taken in count in Latvian Cup ranking.

National competitors who participates in Baltic championship relay cannot again start in OPEN competition.

Approximate course lengths
Class Long 26.05.2018 Middle 27.05.2018 Class Long 26.05.2018 Middle 27.05.2018
M12 2,5 km 8 KP 2.5 km 9KP W12 2,5 km 8 KP 2.5 km 9KP
M14 4.2 km 11KP 3.5 km 10KP W14 3.5 km 9KP 3.0 km 10KP
M16 6.6 km 14KP 4.0 km 12KP W16 5.0 km 12KP 3.5 km 10KP
M18 8.5 km 17KP 4.4 km 15KP W18 6.6 km 14KP 4.0 km 14KP
M20 8.5 km 17KP 4.4 km 15KP W20 6.6 km 14KP 4.0 km 14KP
M21 11.5 km 18KP 5.5 km 18KP W21 7.0 km 13KP 4.4 km 15KP
M21A 9.5 km 16KP 5.0 km 16KP W21A 6.6 km 14KP 4.0 km 14KP
M21B 6.5 km 13KP 4.0 km 14KP W21B 4.2 km 11KP 3.5 km 9KP
M35 9.5 km 16KP 5.0 km 16KP W35 6.6 km 14KP 4.0 km 14KP
M40 8.5 km 15KP 4.0 km 14KP W40 6.5 km 14KP 3.6 km 12KP
M45 8.0 km 16KP 4.0 km 14KP W45 6.5 km 14KP 3.6 km 12KP
M50 6.5 km 14KP 3.6 km 12KP W50 5.0 km 12 KP 3.4 km 12KP
M55 6.5 km 14KP 3.6 km 12KP W55 5.0 km 12 KP 3.4 km 12KP
M60 5.0 km 12 KP 3.4 km 12KP W60 3.5 km 9KP 2.6 km 10KP
M65 5.0 km 12 KP 3.4 km 12KP W65 3.5 km 9KP 2.6 km 10KP
M70 3.5 km 9KP 2.6 km 10KP W70 3.0 km 8KP 2.3 km 9KP
M75 3.5 km 9KP 2.6 km 10KP W75 3.0 km 8KP 2.3 km 9KP
M80 3.0 km 8KP 2.3 km 9KP W80 2,5 km 8 KP 2.3 km 9KP
OPEN1 3.5 km 9KP 3.0 km 10KP      
OPEN2 5.0 km 12 KP 4.0 km 12KP      

Registration and entry fees
Entry fees must be paid with bank transfer (look below)

Start and starting order:
Registration date               One day    Both days
01.02.18 – 15.05.18            13 EUR    22 EUR
16.05.18 – 21.05.18            15 EUR    26 EUR
MW16-20, 60-80, OPEN    
01.02.18 – 15.05.18             8 EUR    14 EUR
16.05.18 – 21.05.18            12 EUR    16 EUR
01.02.18 – 15.05.18             5 EUR    8 EUR
16.05.18 – 21.05.18             6 EUR    10 EUR
- Paying entry fee in cash on competition day, +50% of entry fee will be surcharged (amount depends from entry deadline). For each competitor receipt will be issued that may take long time.
- Participants who apply after 20.05.18 to vacancies, entry fee + 100% of the price on the last application date will be charged. When applying late, the start place is not guaranteed.
- Entry fees must transferred to the LOF account by each entry deadline. Electronic application via
Online entry form is considered as guarantee for paying entry fee.
-OPEN class can apply for participation in competition center for the last entry deadline price.
- If participants cancel their registration, the team does not arrive to the competition or the race is cancelled due to force majeure, the participation fee is not refunded.
In cases of changes applications write to Karlis Osis (

Reg.Nr.: 40008021960
IBAN: LV14RIKO0002013111372
Address: Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
If bill is needed, write to

Electronic punching system
SPORTident AIR/contact mixed electronic punching system will be used. Competitor can choose punching type. SIAC chips will be available for rent - 1.50 EUR/day. Competitors who haven’t indicated personal SI card number in application will be allocated with rented SIAC card.
In case of losing hired Sport Ident card, competitor has to pay organizers full card value (65 EUR).

Prize giving
Baltic Masters
3 best after 2 days (long and middle) in each class are awarded with a medal
Baltic Open competition
3 best after 2 days (long and middle) in each class are awarded with a prize

Technical information
Start and starting order:
3 min before the start competitor must enter start area and check the SportIdent number with a referее. SIAC card must be activated.
2 min before the start additional control descriptions are available
1 min before the start competitor must stand before the start line and after a start signal may take the map from the map box of appropriate class. Each competitor him-/herself is responsible for taking the right map from the right map box.

There will be parking in the competition center field. All competition transport has to be parked there. Cost - 1 EUR car, 2 EUR bus a day.

Accommodation and catering
Krāslava tourism,
Daugavpils TIC

Krāslava State gymnasium
Sleeping place on floor - 2.50 EUR night (showers and toilets included in price). Catering can be ordered additionally
Tent places in yard - 3 EUR from tent per night.
All bookings have to be made by 18th May by writing to e-mail:

Recreation complex "Vaclavi"

Services during competition
First aid, cafe, WC

Latvian Orienteering federation, SIA “O! Latvija”
OK Kāpa
Krāslava Municipality


Director of the event: Matīss Ratnieks
Results: Kārlis Osis, Mārtiņš Dūdelis
Course planner: Indulis Peilāns

Competition control
Controller – Rodrigo Slaviņš

mob.+371 20252282